How to lose one billion.

This story is a bit old but I though I would bring it back to life.It’s crazy.

3 people lost about 5 billion dollar in a week over one stupid action.

”Nick Leeson – lost $2billions: Peter Young – lost $800milllion: Toshihide Iguchi lost $1.1billion: John Rusnak lost – $991million: In January, John Rusnak was found to have lost his bank hundreds of millions of dollars. He now awaits trial. Like other rogue traders before him, he had fallen into a crazy web of deceit, covering up his losses while losing yet more in a desperate effort to recoup debts. Why take the risk?”

More info:

How I would loseĀ  a billion? Well I wouldn’t call it lose I would most probably spend it.

I’d buy myself 30 trophy girlfriends,an island a private jet a bunch of cars a mansion in Switzerland one in Brazil and one in France and shove the rest in high saving accounts in the Bahamas and Panama.

So over to you readers.

What would you do with 1,000,000,000 dollars.


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