Democratic party started the KKK now has Obama as president.


I was reading about the American civil war earlier and it turns out that there is a bit of a misconception.I researched it a bit further and lo and behold I was right.

See the democrats throughout the 2008 campaign and even now aer stating that they are ”the people’s party” and are promoting racial equality with Obama as the first African-American president in the United States.

There is one small well heck HUGE  problem with their statements. Its all not true!

Truth about the Democratic Party and Republican Party which they do not want to tell you or just assumed people knew the truth of these parties.

The Democratic Party was originally created by two Virginians. Thomas Jefferson and James Madison. It was originally called AntiFederalist but that sounded bad so they called it the Democratic Republican party with Thomas Jefferson its first President.

With the collapse of the Wig Party and the bitter debate over Texas, The former Wig Party combined with split Democratic Republican party to create a new party for the elections held in 1836 called the Republican Party.

So from 1836 to the present, The democratic party and the Republican party has been with us.

The Democratic party was predominately southern plantation owners or southern land owners and Northern catholics and most jewish communities.

In 1848, it was the democratic party which pushed for slaves to be property everywhere in the US. It was the democratic party which  opposed any bill on Black racial equality or women’s rights.

By the election of 1862, The democratic party leaders pulled out of the Congress and formed the new government of the Confederacy because the Opposed the Republican position of hope and change to allow for a more intergrated America but pushed for a more comprehensive ecconomic plan. ( Basically, Slaves did not count like they used to and could be taxed more than they used to.)

Abraham Lincoln in a debate said if he could free the slaves without due hardship he would do also angered the south.

After the Civil War, Lincoln a republican has as his VP a Democrat from Tennessee named Andrew Johnson. Johnson was against the plantation social ecconomic structure of the rich which was based on slavery. Either the Slavers from the Boston, Deleware and New York or the slave owners of the south. But he made it very clear that he did not believe in racial equality.

During the term of the Democratic Party headed by Andrew Johnson, He pardoned all the conferates and allow the ex conferates to control the exslaves. Thus all of the southern states passed the so called color laws. These laws prevented voting, land ownership and limited what kind of work a black person could have in many localities accross the south. It is these color laws that were in place that were challanged and broken during the 1960’s civil rights period. It was Johnson who made some of these color laws apply in the federal level or to the federal government.

The DNC was created in 1848 to unite the party people for a common goal. The first major play of the DNC caused the Conferacy and a Civil war because of its party leaders. The next major DNC push was for the lead up to the 1866 elections. The major works of the DNC was to prevent the Blacks the right to vote. The DNC worked through their President leader Johnson to allow themselves to attack the Republican Party convention that was to be held in New Orleans.

The Republican party mainly made up of Northern abolishonist and Northern free blacks and those who fought the supremacy of the southern ideals were republican in 1866.  Even the Catholics were mainly Republican in 1866. The DNC had President Johnson issue an order for Gen. Beauford to do nothing in New Orleans and to not interfere with the local police.

Thus Gen Beauford did request a change in orders but was denied a response from Washington.

The DNC made every fireman, city worker and party follower a deputy of the Sheriff of New Orleans.  They then went down to Canal street to confront the Republicans in their convention and disrupt a parade of Blacks who were on a civil rights march.  What the DNC did was Kill all the blacks who were on the civil rights march to get the right to vote along with 90% of the republicans in the convention building. All blacks were murdered.

The end effect of this rocked the US and caused the only 2/3 victory by the Republican party known as the Radical Republicans because they could pass any law which they did. Thus the Republican party forced all the reconstruction laws starting in 1867.

The DNC did not like this and met in Nashville Tennessee. They tried to figure a way to recapture both the congress and the whitehouse. Out of that Convention in 1868, 4 men from Tennessee became so angered that they formed what they called the Strong Arm of the DNC. The formed a basic terrorist type of organiztion  which became famous over the next 100 years called the KLU KLUX KLAN. When Bedford Forest became the Grand Wizard of the KKK he coordinated with the DNC to effect elections and made both the black and white people of the south so scared that they voted the way the KKK told them to so that they would not get night time visits.

To get a visit from the KKK for a black was to be murdered or severely beaten or disabled. For a White, it was to be beaten and treated as a black which was a big deal in the hay day of the power of the Klan.

So I find it very interesting that today, the some 87% of black people vote for the democratic party and it candidates just out of party alliance. The same kind of party alliance that formed and used the KKK to deny the black people their rights as well as prevented equality when it was in the power of the DNC to make equality happen in 1865 though the Freedom act. The DNC cut off the funding for the Freedom program which was a good program. Most of the homes and schools as well as many of the first colleges for blacks came from that program.

So I find it ironic and just plain lies to hear a person who is in the Democratic party to make the claim that the Democratic Party has always been about racial equality and has always been a party for the people of color.

The truth is that is a lie. The Republican party  in truth is the party which stood up for the blacks. However, in their zeal to create equality they caused more racial division.

Just some truth that people should consider when you look at the words of candidates who will say anything for a vote. Truth is truth. The DNC has always been the dirty party and has more than once used murder to get its goals achieved. The Republican Party starting with Nixon joined the DNC in playing dirty and not taking the high road.

Thus neither are the party of the future. But I just find it ironic that a black man runs for president in the party which spawned the KKK and used the KKK to control the black votes.

To me, the DNC is still trying to control the black vote rather than allowing the black voters to choose for themselves.

In the past is was vote the way we say or be hung from a tree. Now its vote for the black candidate Obama or your a traitor to the black community and may be a victim of the inner city violence.

Thus the DNC still gets the black voters to vote at the snap of the finger of the party.  I see no difference between the DNC of 1866 and 2008 other than we have not had whole sale slaugher of black civil rights marchers.  Which by the way the democratic party and the DNC was in charge during the 1960s struggles of the civil rights era.  The pattern is there and the choices made are in any common history book or paper if anyone wanted to take the time to look it up.

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