Why is Today’s Pop Music so bad?

What is wrong with the musicians of today? With so many cover versions around , and the absurdity of ‘sampling’ – which is really theft under a different name – why cant anybody come up with great music anymore?. Is it any wonder then , that the back catalogs of Elvis , The Beatles and so many other ‘oldies’ continue to outsell most of the modern artistes. The reasons for this are blatantly obvious. Firstly , Elvis really could sing, and The Fabs really could knock out a killer tune, almost to order.Today’s lot – well – talk about boring, sterile and unoriginal !!! Nobody seems able , or willing to take a chance and blow all this rap and so called RnB rubbish out of the water. The last band who i’d consider to be a breath of fresh air were Nirvana, whose mix of Beatles melodies and Black Sabbath type music really pointed the way forward. And we all know what happened there, when that ***** Cobain couldn’t take the pressures of fame , and despite having written a song with the words ‘No i don’t have a gun’ , blew his brains out.Pleas , today’s pap – sorry – pop stars , don’t be afraid to take the odd chance here and there. History just may thank you for it one day – Ask The Elvis Estate , or the surviving Beatles. It just might be worth it…

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